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Casting for our new film "totally Trashed" has now started.

We are looking for new actors who want to make a break through in the film industry.

No past requirements needed, just the will to live and learn.

You will need to be able to have basic acting skills, but we feel these are natural and will shine through.

If you have not already joined our website please do so now.

You will need to upload pictures and include as much information about previous work or films you have been in.

If you have your own website you can list this on the homepage section on your profile.

We need a daytime telephone number for you and your email address.

You will be contacted at various stages of events.

If you are not sure about anything then use the contact us button on the left hand side of this website or phone us on 07021 101 373.

Once you have listed your profile you need to phone us on 07021 101373 to inform us to make it live on our website.

You will be contacted soon, initially via email. Its important that you come back and check the website at least once a week as news updates are put on each month and other events each week.

Have your own Video / Dvd Shot Phone 07021 101 373 or contact us via our website. We are holding a meeting so you are most welcome to come along and meet the crew.


"Totally Trashed"

Is a new production we are working on

Casting for this film has started

You need to join this website for updates

If you have worked in this industry before please let us know what you have done.

You can list your website on the profile as we have other agents who will contact you.

If you are also interested in model work, then put this on your profile as well, as our search engine on the website will display our clients requirements.

Many thanks for using Actors List website we are sure you will be pleased with our website and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

When you add your profile on the website make sure you put down as much information about you and what you have already been in.

If you are looking for mainly walk on parts then make sure you also put that on your membership profile.

Actors List is for Actors and Models to list information and pictures free of charge.

Pass the word about www.actorslist.co.uk

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