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Question : With actors list is there a charge to join and how fast will I get acting work?

Answer : There is no charge for basic listing, as for how fast you will be offered a position will depend on the clients we have and the person they are looking to cast.  

Question : I need to update my profile, but I have forgot my password, how do I login please?
Answer |This is one of the easiest questions to help you with,  just click PASSWORD at the top of this website and help plus development tools will help you reset your password. It is important you keep your email up to date or you may not be able to login to the accont you created if you forget your password. We cannot amend or delete your profile you create for security reasons. 

Question : I am getting a new mobile phone, can I just change the number I have put on my profile and will it be updated so I still get messages sent to me?

Answer : Yes just login and update your number, also send us a Whats App with the new number so we can update it on our list and you will then still receive the latest castings.  

Question : What sort of work can you provide and what is the best to apply for.

Answer : We have a range of clients, from walk on non speaking parts, short movies plus we also deal with companies who make adverts, so its a massive range.

Question : How will I get told I have a booking or casting?

Answer : We add you to our list on Whats App and we send out messages to our members, or you may receive a phone call or email.  

Question : I joined on Models list and now I see all the sites are joined together, why is this and am I still listed as a model?

Answer : Yes you will still be listed as a model, we decided to join and like all the sites together as one, because this actually makes it easier for our members and clients to view. Also if a client i making an advert for example, they may be able to use models for non speaking parts or walk on non speaking parts?

Question : I have seen some information about upgrading my website and profile listing with you. How do I go about booking a photo shoot and website for my profile?

Answer: Yes we can arrange a photo shoot for you, we do in fact have special events for people to come along for photo shoot sessions, which also means it is cheaper. Email us and we will go through the options with you. 

Question : I dont want to do actiing for a movie, but I wanted to start my own YouTube,  is one of the services on  your  website able to let me to this. I dont have a YouTube account set up and I dont know how I can get paid for making videos, any help you can give me please. You can reply to my email or Ive got money to come to your offices. Thanks. 

Answer : Yes we have a range of servives, some are still new but we have Merch, and we are working with another company who will contact you with account management services. On YouTube we have a fast track way to get you earning the views you need, and you also promote our other team members on YouTube.  We will email you full details about this to your email. 

Question : Can I put on my list of options I want to do Acting and Model work, or do I just have to pick one of the other? I am keen to actually try working as an Actor and do photoshoots and may be some singing as well. Please let me know if this is possible. 

Answer : Yes you can, the more options you offer the higher the chance you will get noticed, but dont just tick boxes for the sake of ticking them. Make sure you follow the direction you want to go along. 

Question : I want to join but I am not 18 yet I am 14 do you have a certain age I need to be to list as an actor with you? I do have YouTube account and that is fine. 

Answer : You can be any age, however we require anyone under the age of 18 has someone over the age of 18 set up the accout, and any castings, showreels or photo shoots or anything related you must be with a person who is over 18 years old, at all times. 

Question : I sent in several questions and you have only put one on here, do I need to send them in one at a time or what?

Answer : Our team look at the questions you send over and update this FAQ, so it may be they had already been asked by another member, or they are still being reviewed. It can take a few weeks from sending them in, to them being on the FAQ, or if it was possible you would of got a reply by email. We say to add us to your contact list so it wont then go in bulk mail by accident. 

Question : I have phoned a few times but didnt get any answer, when is the best time to you phone you or contact you?

Answer: We only have very limited telephone support, it is therefore a lot better to send us an email or Whats App message, or you can use our online chat and support message feature. We are an online company and often cannot have phones on in studios or on film sets. The Director goes ape if a phone rings when filming, also often is the case you are not allowed mobile phones on the set as 3rd party cameras are not allowed or sometimes they can actually cause the sound crew problems with outside noise. 

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